Session Work

I’m excited to be a featured pro on LANDR. It’s a new networking platform for musicians and people looking to hire musicians for recording projects. If you’re interested in having me add to your project please feel free to go to my contact page or check out the link below!


I have also been busy making recordings for various projects all over the world using the website “Fiverr”. Go to my contact page or check out the link below if you’re interested in having me add a track to your existing project or creating a backing track for you to use however you like!

Client Reviews

Brian was great, specially as a performer - created awesome colors with the feel of the melody and the tempo. It´s really nice to have people that get what you compose.”

Elmo Dias (Brazil)

What a fantastic piano and Fender Rhodes player, with a strong work ethic!! Highly recommended!”

Ned Warner (USA)

All I can say is that Brian did an amazing job, not just on the technical aspects but also on the interpretation of the music. He even helped out with making the piece more pianistic overall. Communication was great on top of all that. So if you are looking for a (classical) pianist, like I was, look no further!”

Marcel Simader (Austria)

First time working with Brian and definitely my best decision of 2020 so far. An absolutely amazing musician who totally nailed the vibe of the song.”

John (UK)

Amazing experience with Brian....easy to deal with, amazing quality piece he produced!! Highly recommend”

Gary (Ireland)